quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018

School trip to Guimarães...

Yesterday, our class and  class 10D went on a school trip to Guimarães, where we visited  the “ Centro de Ciência Viva”, (Living Science Center), the “Centro Internacional das Artes” (International Arts Center) and  the “Casa da Memória”, ( House of Memory)
In the morning we went to the Living Science Center. There, the guide helped us to understand better what is behind the construction of a bridge, then we also did a sound level measurement, after that we went to a room where we could see the Universe, particularly the Main Planets. Furthermore, for me the most interesting part was the Robotics Applications. It was really catchy to see all the mechanics involved.
After this visit we went to Guimarães Shopping Center, where we had lunch and rested a little bit.
In the afternoon, we visited the International Arts Center and the House of Memory. 
At The International Arts Center we saw the diversity of the contemporary art and the relationships it has with arts from other times and different cultures.
Then we visited the House of Memory, where we had the opportunity to see documents, facts and objects about the history of Guimarães, which allowed us to know this city much better.
Personally, I would say that I enjoyed this trip and probably I will go back soon to Guimarães.
Duarte nº10/10ºB    

School Trip [08/05/2018]

Today we broke the routine! We went on a school trip.
We travelled to Guimarães with another class and the teachers Ana Falcato, Lurdes Silva and Rita Araújo.
In the morning we visited the “Centro da Ciência Viva”. It was amazing! I really liked the robotic part.
We had lunch at the Guimarães Shopping Center and after that we did some shopping.
In the afternoon we went to “Plataforma das Artes”. There, we saw interesting things, especially works of art by José Guimarães. We learned a lot about his life and art.
 After that we went to “Casa da Memória”, that was like a complement to us to know more about Guimarães because it portrays the story and the culture of this city.
I think that this type of school trip is very important to expand our knowledge and to live new experiences. We learned a lot and, furthermore, in the future we will have these days in our memory.
It was a different day but tomorrow the routine is back!
Mónica - 10º B

School trip to Guimarães

Yesterday was a day trip where we learnt a lot.
Our destiny was the cradle of the Portuguese nation, Guimarães.
We visited three different places: The Center of Living Science Guimarães (CLSG), the Platform of Arts José Guimarães and the House of Memory.
   The Center of Living Science was, before 1968, a tannery, where they treated the animal skin to be later transformed into clothes or accessories.
There we visited different compartments with different themes: engineering related with bridges, testing intensity of sound, the operation of an infrared camera, intelligent home appliances, robotics, recycling water bottles, a panoramic view of the solar system, special communication!
One of the things I enjoyed the most was that they preserved the original building of the tannery!
   The Platform of Arts José Guimarães was built for the 2012 European Capital of Culture and there we saw pieces by José Guimarães, Carl Anderson and Miguel Leal. Every piece has a meaning and it is incredible how simple drawings have such a complex meaning. I will never look at a drawing or painting in the same way I looked before this visit. The guide made me appreciate art. Thanks João!
   In the House of Memory we visited two spaces, Territory and Community. In the Territory we saw pieces related with Guimarães and its changes along the years. In the Community we saw objects related with the people and their culture and values. Valentine’s love scarves or the sword of King Afonso Henriques are good examples.
This visit was amazing! I could understand more about science and I started to appreciate art!

João Oliveira nº14 10ºB
Tuesday, 8th MAY 2018