quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018

School Trip [08/05/2018]

Today we broke the routine! We went on a school trip.
We travelled to Guimarães with another class and the teachers Ana Falcato, Lurdes Silva and Rita Araújo.
In the morning we visited the “Centro da Ciência Viva”. It was amazing! I really liked the robotic part.
We had lunch at the Guimarães Shopping Center and after that we did some shopping.
In the afternoon we went to “Plataforma das Artes”. There, we saw interesting things, especially works of art by José Guimarães. We learned a lot about his life and art.
 After that we went to “Casa da Memória”, that was like a complement to us to know more about Guimarães because it portrays the story and the culture of this city.
I think that this type of school trip is very important to expand our knowledge and to live new experiences. We learned a lot and, furthermore, in the future we will have these days in our memory.
It was a different day but tomorrow the routine is back!
Mónica - 10º B