quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2018

School trip to Guimarães...

Yesterday, our class and  class 10D went on a school trip to Guimarães, where we visited  the “ Centro de Ciência Viva”, (Living Science Center), the “Centro Internacional das Artes” (International Arts Center) and  the “Casa da Memória”, ( House of Memory)
In the morning we went to the Living Science Center. There, the guide helped us to understand better what is behind the construction of a bridge, then we also did a sound level measurement, after that we went to a room where we could see the Universe, particularly the Main Planets. Furthermore, for me the most interesting part was the Robotics Applications. It was really catchy to see all the mechanics involved.
After this visit we went to Guimarães Shopping Center, where we had lunch and rested a little bit.
In the afternoon, we visited the International Arts Center and the House of Memory. 
At The International Arts Center we saw the diversity of the contemporary art and the relationships it has with arts from other times and different cultures.
Then we visited the House of Memory, where we had the opportunity to see documents, facts and objects about the history of Guimarães, which allowed us to know this city much better.
Personally, I would say that I enjoyed this trip and probably I will go back soon to Guimarães.
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